Portugal: Online participation - BePart
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Portugal: Online participation

Portugal: Online participation

The Portuguese team inside the BePart project has gone through many stages until now. In the first phase, the students were introduced to the Models of Youth Participation and through Allourideas they did a selection of the models. The two most chosen were:

  • 6 principles of online participation
  • 5 stages model of online participation

Then they did a questionnaire in google forms, where they identified the issues that should be addressed. They defined the action plan and divided it into team groups to work over cyberbullying and internet security.

By then, we were in a lockdown, so we developed our activities online, such as:

  • Meetings
  • Miscellaneous contacts
  • Activities like comic contests, questionnaires, games
  • Video selection
  • Building a blog and padlet where we are registering all the process
  • Making an escape room
  • And game about cyberbullying and internet security

We organized the third students meeting. The process was very interesting, because we started doing a brainstorm meeting until we had an idea that challenged both teachers and students. Therefore, students presented the idea of an Escape Room, which was done in English and in Portuguese.

This project has been a true rollercoaster, challenging ways of working, ways of thinking, ways of interacting, ways of learning…